Heung-min Son scores HAT-TRICK in 13 minutes! | HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 6-2 Leicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspurs' 6-2 win against Leicester City in the Premier League
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  • Matthew

    Even as an Arsenal Fan, you have to respect the guy.

  • Nabin Rajbanshi
    Nabin Rajbanshi

    Spurs are lucky to have a player like Son. It hurts when their own fanbase disowns & disrespects him😔

  • Hugo Rhodano
    Hugo Rhodano

    Son is not a machine. He is a human being like us. He can't play every time like this game. A real fan of Tottenham You should also support him when he has a hard time. You never walk alone. This is all about sportiness.

  • Peter Kop
    Peter Kop

    I doubt that any player at all, not just epl but in the whole world can shoot long range with both feet as good as Son. I Do Not Think there's any one else, period!

  • Nevermind

    Congratulations, Sonny! There's something everyone needs to know. It's not like Sonny suddenly good. He's always been steady. He fell victim to a terrible tactic that didn't know how to use him properly. He always sacrificed himself for the team.

  • redpine1973

    I respect him. He is always diligent, patient and humble. This guy is an authentic role model of everyone.

  • Eugene

    When so many of Tottenham's goals are headers, Son's mid-range shots are like deep three-pointers in basketball. So refreshing

  • Kheron

    Son always scores classy goals. What an incredible player.

  • Yash Tiwari
    Yash Tiwari

    I am an Arsenal guy through and through but you just cannot dislike this guy. Son is a great lad and deserves all the respect and praise he is getting tonight.

  • Yinka Oreoluwa
    Yinka Oreoluwa

    Honestly, at this point, not even sure if Son is left or right footed. Incredible player.

  • hi do
    hi do

    What we need to pay attention to is that Son Heung-min is the top scorer in the Premier League outside the penalty box. Heung-Min Son's strength is his ability to freely decide goals inside and outside the penalty box using both feet in a quick counterattack. Antinio Conte should not overlook this part. Perisic likes to slow down the flow by one tempo and pass when he has the ball rather than counterattack, so he plays to offset all of Son's strengths. Manager Antonio Conte should tactically differentiate the use of the two players, so that Tottenham will have more victories.

  • Dokterpedia.net

    SON did a great job today, but he didn't smile. He was the top scorer last season and put the team to the top, However, after being lost for a while due to outrageous tactics, Tottenham fans have forgotten what SON has done for the team. Hearing boos from fans who looked up to you and being ignored would have been a huge pain. This was a disregard for his

  • あきたこまち

    I'm Japanese man city fan but also huge fan of son. Absolutely world class from Korea.What a player!!!

  • Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail

    Don't sit him on the bench, he is perfect

  • David

    Son is an absolute legend: loyal, dedicated, persistent and prolific. An inspiration to us all. COYS!

  • Josef Richter
    Josef Richter

    Greetings from a Chelsea fan. Son - what a fantastic player! Pure joy to watch! I almost wish he won the league this year with Tottenham. If it's not us, then let it be Tottenham 🙂

  • Mubaskyd Abiodun
    Mubaskyd Abiodun

    Am a true Chelsea fans💙 but I must say

  • Hoonjin Hwang
    Hoonjin Hwang

    Some of Tottenham fans blaming Sonny for no scoring don’t deserve to have Sonny.. He actually has carried Hotspur during last several years consistently scoring double digit goals and more importantly had Tottenham join Champions league last season. Given those great contributions, loyalty and capabilities shown already, they have little respect to him, disappointing him a lot. Hope Sonny migrate to bigger club next year!!


    I'm CITY fan but because of Son and Kane I always watch Spurs games and yesterday Son let me see my tears. A legend never dies. Keep it up SON 👌💯🔥💙

  • Luke Kay
    Luke Kay

    I've never seen a player who takes longshot curlers with both feet as comfortably as Son in my lifetime. He does it like it's practice session over and over again. WT actual F? Unique player.